357 MW Delivered from Solar Farms
1310 MW Delivered from Wind Farms

At Electrum Solutions, we optimize the operation of technologically advanced engineering solutions and then maintain their failure-free function. We effectively manage energy assets and ensure the uninterrupted operation of wind farms and solar farms. In this way, we implement a part of the mission of the Electrum Group, which involves building a stable, failure-free energy system based on renewable energy sources.

The advantage of the Electrum Group is the extensive experience gained during over 20 years of operation. Our portfolio includes more than a hundred energy, industrial, and renewable energy facilities executed from the initial concept stage through construction and detailed designs to commissioning and service. We cooperate with prestigious scientific institutes, including the Fraunhofer Institute, the Institute of Power Engineering and the Gdańsk University of Technology.

We make sure everything
in the future works correctly
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