Universal electric power regulator that meets
the requirements of NC RfG, IRiESP, IRiESD and more.
Whitelisted on PTPiREE.

Renedium – a remedy for your renewable revolution

Renedium 1.0 is an active and reactive power control device that allows up to 10 PPM (PPCs) to work together.

Active and reactive power control system, working with up to ten generation units. Wind, Solar, Water, Biogas, Energy Storage, Atom and more – one-stop production control regardless of source type, power, location and complexity.
  • Working with variable types of PPM (wind power, solar power, hydroelectric power, nuclear power, energy storage, hybrid systems)
  • Regulation of active power relating to the settings of the system operator or investor
  • Regulation in normal and critical grid states
  • Flexible modes of reactive power regulation
  • Possibility of configuration and power settings for up to 10 PPM type controllers (PPC)

Functions of the Renedium regulator

(Renedium by Solutions)

Regulation of active power:

  • Estimation of active power losses in the supply line
  • Accurate adjustment of the setting by the PID controller
  • Working out the active power setpoint together with correction from frequency modes (LFSM-O/U + FSM)
  • Two modes of LFSM/FSM functionality:
    • Operator setting (limitation of active power generation) affects active power limitation in LFSM/FSM modes, i.e. operation in the range of 0% Pmax – System operator setting ≤ 100% Pmax
    • No limitation of active power in LFSM/FSM modes, i.e. operation in the range of 0% Pmax – 100% Pmax
    • Mode 1 (Grid operator setpoint don’t take any affect in regulation, active power correction calculated by frequency algorithm, can be in range 0%Pmax – 100% Pmax)
    • Mode 2 (Grid operator setpoint have highest priority, active power correction calculated by frequency algorithm can be only in range  0%Pmax – Grid operator setpoint)
  • Possibility of using active power gradient mode  both in normal and critical grid state (frequency <>50Hz and greater than deadband)
  • Distribution of active power setpoint to a maximum 10 PPCs controllers – using generation limitation in the mode: “weighted average, taking into account the currently available active power of generating units.”

Reactive power control:

  • Flexible modes of reactive power control:
    • reactive power setting
    • power factor setting
    • voltage setting
  • Control of reactive power compensation devices such as:
    • capacitor banks
    • shunt reactors (static and with tap changer)

The Renedium 1.0 regulator offers

(Renedium by Solutions)

  • Possibility of adjustment to new requirements and regulations
  • Quick adaptation for any project and energy source, including hybrid systems
  • Easy parameterization via graphical interface – local HMI display possible

The Renedium 1.0 regulator offers

Renedium 1.0 Regulator, combined with the Emacs platform, is a complete, consistent, and universal solution for controlling and monitoring processes related to the generation, storage and use of renewable energy (wind, solar, nuclear, hydro, energy storage, hybrid systems).

  • Full control of generation sources and energy storage within a single system (including hybrid systems)
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Increased security
  • Maximization of profit within the project
  • Full control over operations and management, regardless of sub-component failure rates
  • Intuitive operation and simple interface

Renedium 1.0 handles the control of energy output from RES facilities (and more), while the Emacs system – Electrum Solutions’ proprietary SCADA platform – allows monitoring and optimization of energy production processes.

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