Network Diagnostics with Centrix Evolution – Precision and Safety

Network Diagnostics with Centrix Evolution – Precision and Safety

Fault diagnosis of the power grid with Centrix Evolution is one of the specializations of our Electrum Solutions engineering team. Thanks to advanced technology, our modern measurement vehicle allows precise and efficient examination and servicing of power grids.

Advanced Centrix Evolution TechnologyWóz Pomiarowy Solutions

The tests we conduct using Centrix Evolution enable us to determine factors such as network resilience and insulation resistance. With the advanced technology of Centrix Evolution, its applications are incredibly broad, extending beyond mere measurement and fault localization. The precise device is integrated with sophisticated software, facilitating comprehensive network diagnostics.

Comprehensive Network Diagnostics with Centrix Evolution

As a result, the Electrum Solutions team provides our clients with information about the technical condition of their infrastructure, ranging from mapping and documenting cable routes to intelligent repair predictions.

Centrix EvolutionWorld-Class Teleflex® Locator

The world-class Teleflex® locator allows precise pinpointing of faults even within a radius of several kilometers from the power generator. This capability minimizes the time needed to identify the repair location and adequately prepare for it, thus saving time and resources while reducing costs.

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